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Assist organizations in becoming great
by helping them hire great people.
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Being a Recruiter ain't easy.

Working in the recruitment sector is no child’s play. Trust us, hiring the right people for
organizations requires more than just scouring through resumes. However, when you work
with right people, the journey becomes an experience & worth undertaking.

The Linkruit team has been built with passion and our aim is to become a company that
people love working with. Having a people-centric culture, Linkruit has a personality that
will match yours.


We don’t just say but mean it too. Work on projects
that are of interest to you and utilize your skills to
the fullest. Linkruit understands how organizations
work in 21st century. No more bossy work culture,
become a part of a self-managing team.


Whether you are intern, a senior employee or have
just started your recruitment career with us, you
will be treated as an equal. Everyone has a special
role to play in Linkruit and we respect that.


The Linkruit team comprises of people with rich
experience and diverse background allowing you to
expand your horizon and improve knowledge. You
will grow as our team grows. That’s a promise!


It’s common for people to leave an organization
after a couple of years. However, with Linkruit this
won’t be the case. We make it very hard for you to
leave us. Working with Linkruit will give you growth,
challenges, opportunities & above all comfort.

Internships at Linkruit

Learn inside-out about the recruitment world with us. Get a first-hand experience of what it is like to be a top-class recruiter. You will come here as an amateur and step out as a professional. In our internship program spanning between 45-90 days, you will work and assist us in everything that goes into hiring people for organizations.

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