High Speed Hiring for
High Growth Startups

Never lose your start-up's traction.

Just when your idea begins to see light of the day, you realize you need
more hands to grow and nurture it. In the midst of finding those hands, the
idea takes a back-seat because your focus turns towards finding people.
Don’t let this happen to your start-up.

Fall back on us when it comes to your exclusive start-up recruiting needs.
Linkruit finds you people after analyzing & understanding what your start-up
requires. Time is of great essence to your start-up/MVP and that’s why we set
working at a pulse even when your demands arrive in the nick of time.

A Seamless Experience For You

Our team gets down to a massive candidate search for your start-up and
sends you carefully selected resumes within hours. Linkruit supports you till
you get the person you need.

Benefits for your Startup

Start-Up Specific, Industry Specific Solutions

Your start-up is unique and so is its business model.Therefore, it ought to have a tailored recruitment approach too, for finding the right people. Linkruit delivers customized recruitment consulting services specific to your start-up’s age, business idea and industry. Our start-up recruitment consultants work together with you to get you the best candidates for specific roles.


Enviable Candidate Database

When it comes to recruiting for start-ups, merely looking at a candidate’s background and work experience is just not enough. While we have a great database of candidates with diverse background & skills, our recruitment consultants make sure that a candidate’s personality matches your start-up’s culture before passing on his/her resume.

The Best Deals, Negotiated

Start-up recruiting brings with itself its own set of challenges – the major being – convincing high profile, experienced candidates to join your start-up. It requires more than just monetary gains to motivate such brilliant minds. Our team knows the nuances of such hiring and persuades candidates to come onboard by tapping into their emotional needs and desires.


Completely tailored, turn-key solutions for you

Linkruit follows a well-defined candidate search process which allows us to
focus on your business needs. Our approach is thoughtfully crafted to meet
your high expectations.

Why Start-ups love us

  • We wear their shoes, literally
  • Terms & Conditions don't bind our service scope
  • No hidden fees, extra charges
  • A contemporary hiring model
  • Budget does not define our quality
  • 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs like you stick with us
  • Dedicated team of start-up recruiters

Double your start-up's growth rate by
hiring the right people