Time-tested executive hiring techniques
to rope in your most crucial people

High cadre executive positions are the most responsible, most critical and the most tricky ones to be filled. Senior people, occupying these chairs, often need to have specific professional and personal traits that beat in symphony with your organization's vision and personality.

We capacitate ourselves to offer extremely focused executive and board search solutions. Over time, we have constructed an elaborate search and placement process that's based on close analysis of organizational expectations and goals.

Our Core Differentiators

A dedicated board
search team

A super-strong global network
of crème talent

An access to real-time
personality tests

The Process

We follow a 10-step process that is highly evolved, just to ensure the integration of great thought leaders and steering brains into your organization. Through this elaborate process, we guarantee the entry of the most deserving people, cut out exactly for your organizational needs. We stick to the process, and throughout all this time, it has brought to us, credible executive search reputation. We are sure, it will solve your purpose too!

An Initial Discovery Meeting

We believe in the power of face to face conversation. So once we have committed to handling your executive search needs, we vouch on an elaborate meeting with you and your key members. In this meeting, we would typically want to know about your business – stuff like your products, your services, the size and marketplace position of your business, your cultural norms and the core value proposition that your business if operating on.

Contribution from our knowledge base

No communication ever flourishes, if it is one sided. Once we have filtered out information, critical to our executive search strategy process, we make it a point to enrich it with our experience. We work with you to identify your definition of an ideal candidate and map out his professional competencies, personality traits and behavioral characteristics. This step ensures that we are on the same ideology page as you are.

A search strategy, tailored just for you

Once we have a clear idea about what you are looking for, we quickly bring together a search strategy that can help us pick out your desired candidate at the very soonest. This is one of the most critical steps in our process, since it sets in place, a direction to go forward with. Once a strategy is set out, there is no looking back. Hence, we pay close attention to spot out spoken and unspoken needs, during previous meetings with you, before chalking out a particular strategy.

Potential candidates, pumped out from a pool of seasoned executives

We leverage our dense network of professional acquaintance world-over, and engage them in spotting out people who closely resemble your idealized candidate. The yardsticks that we use to measure potential in senior people comprise of factors like their past professional records, their personal accomplishments, their attitude while sailing through personal and professional challenges, their behavioral history and their Emotional Quotient.

Pitches to potential candidates

Once we have identified deserving individuals, we approach them with your offer. While doing so, we make sure that every conversation with these people, stays a discrete secret. During this stage, we feed potential executives with information about your organization, your goals and your expectations. We then give them a breathing time, wherein, they can contemplate and comprehend about your needs and their strengths, and then come back to us with their view of the role.

Meetings with interested candidates

These can range from a couple of one-to- one's, to multiple number of meet-ups. Personal meetings of our consultants and potential candidates ensure a clarity of vision and helps hammer in a string ground view of expectations. Another aim of personal meetings with candidates, is to make out personal traits and behavioral approaches through a candid speculation of body language. This step helps us tighten our filter, to come up with the most credible candidates from the identified pool.

Behavior and personality analysis

Psychological tests comprise an important part of our executive search process. We are partners with agencies that have the infrastructure and expertise, needed to perform psychometric analysis. The tests help derive conclusive characteristics of any individual, based on 3 broad clusters – 'Approach to problem', 'Approach to people' and 'Approach to task'. There are 22 dimensions of detailed analysis that help us pick out the most appropriate candidate to suit your professional rhythm.

Background verification

We undertake extensive background checks to ensure that the preferred individuals have positive professional and personal track records that gel with your organisation's long term and short term motives. Here, we also ponder over the individuals' wit and quickness of making fruitful decision, given exposure to rough and confusing times. A background verification is meant to strike a confirmative tally between your organizational conditions and the executives in question.

Negotiation and closure

Negotiation can be tactical, when hiring senior-level executives for organisations; the main reason being, expectations go way beyond monetary benefits. Our consultants possess ruling expertise in this area. We conduct negotiation meetings with candidates, where we discuss work expectations and benefit expectations, and then come to a satisfactory agreement point. This is the stage, where we make sure, we exercise transparency, honesty and trust to the maximum levels.

Post closure support

While we ensure you delivery of the best executive recruitment service, we also understand that you, and your newly recruited chair need time to blend in together. We stay present for you, till that time, should anything go unwary. For the first 90 days of a new executive recruitment, we rigorously practice feedback systems to ensure a smooth integration, while avoiding negligent void creations. We stay responsible, till priorities are set and expectations are clarified. Want us to look for your leaders? Avail of our premiere executive search services.

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